The freedom of my 20s introduced unbelievable new territory to explore. I taught myself to snowboard, jumped out of airplanes and traveled alone. Along the way, I started to treasure those experiences and the people in my life over pretty much everything else. When I saw the opportunity to leave my 15-year commitment to the corporate world to pursue life in a new way – I took it. What probably looked like reckless abandon at the time (and still usually does) was, actually, a thoughtful transition into balancing my life and redefining what it means to live.


Weird things happen when you decide that the world is your playground. After my very first adventures, I was addicted to the amazing people, cultures, sights and inspirations that were waiting to be discovered and couldn’t wait to share their stories.

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There are endless opportunities to do good – no matter where you are. The challenge is that we much choose to act on them. I’m hoping to do just that and aim to make an impact in any way I can.

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‘Glued to my laptop’ might be an understatement – I fall asleep with this thing more often than not. But, working hard and collecting desks is all part of the adventure. Bonus points: I genuinely love what I do and discovering new amazing humans to team up with.

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From how I did it to where I went, what I saw, my miserable failures, amazing awkwardness and the work I accomplished – I invite you to join the journey. May you be inspired or motivated or – at the very least – entertained.

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