Prepping for Another Road Trip with My Grandparents

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In less than 60 hours, I will be back on the road with my grandparents for what has become our annual road trip.

I’m. So. Damn. Excited.

A lot of new things are happening in this trip that have required quite a bit of prep up front. None of that prep is even close to finished yet which leaves little to no hope that I’ll actually leave in one piece – but whatever. ADVENTURE!

Here’s what’s up:

Fitness is a focus.

I’m generally pretty active when I travel, so I don’t give myself too much grief over food and workouts. This time around, though, I’ll be sitting in the back of a vehicle for what could be weeks. I recently began training for an adventure trip coming up in November – so staying on track with my workout and diet strategies is going to be important.

The prep: I’m packing high-protein, organic, gluten-free snacks (yea, finding those was a trip) along with my favorite water bottle and some protein powder packets. Everything is portioned and travel sized so I can grab and snack on the go without much effort – hopefully preventing those boredom binges and gas station stops that usually get me into trouble.

I’m also aiming to get in mini-workouts on the go. One exercise every stop or a quick walk/run before jumping back into the car. I’ve got resistance bands and running shoes ready to go – but it’s whatever I can squeeze in, basically.

Live updates are coming.

For the first time ever, I’m attempting some live updates from the road. This will be the first series of its kind on any of my social networks and things could get pretty curious. With some epic trips coming up in the Fall, I really want to be able to share these amazing moments with you as they’re happening. This road trip is going to be the perfect practice.

The prep: My Garmin Virb is not yet charged and doesn’t have an SD card in it, so obviously the setup for this is going swimmingly. The Virb will be heading up the trip from the dash and riding along on the handle when we get into tourist mode. Beyond that, my Google Pixel and Canon 6D will also be snapping some stunning shots from the palm. Any additional tech and I might just lose it. Baby steps, guys.

Um, Bob and Rose Mary planned this whole thing.

Did you miss the whole point of this trip? Grandpa Bob and Grandma Rose Mary are leading the way across the country. Last year, my cousins told me just how much they loved the idea of our previous trip and wished they could be part of it – so we’re opening the journey to you all. I’m thinking dashboard interviews, expert life advice, amazing firsts, international exploration and beyond! You’re going to want to see every glorious minute #withbobandrosemary.

The prep: Who are we kidding? There is none. It’s going to be insane.

There’s no end in sight.

Grandma and grandpa didn’t exactly set an end date. I was told that “whenever you need to get back to work, you can fly home.”

Yup, my grandparents planned to out-travel me.

Little did they expect, I’ve become a pro at taking my work to-go. I’ve got a full-time gig promoting some amazing Kansas City brands and have laid the ground work to wrap up some truly incredible projects from the highway.

So – here we go, friends. We’ve got an idea, our passports, a full tank of gas and – hopefully, by Saturday – packed bags.

Let’s go on an adventure.

New England + Canada #withBobandRoseMary
In 15 days, we covered 19 states and 1 providence – totaling more than 5,000 miles on the road through New England and Canada. The journey marked yet another amazing adventure with my grandparents, Bob and Rose Mary. See the trip