Week 2: 14 Days to Ireland

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We’re officially counting down 14 days to Ireland! Ok, ok – more like 12, but I filmed earlier in the weekend so cut me a little break.

The planning is done – dog sitters are booked, tickets are paid, passports are in hand. All that’s left are rentals and actual where-tos. I’ve got a laundry list of tasks around the house to get ready and get packed. Plus, I need to finish up our itinerary (complete with visits to Game of Thrones filming locations) – but beyond that, we’re all set!

The big hiccup here: mom hates traveling. She doesn’t fly – at all – and has totally caved into this adventure just to appease my wild streak. I’m so very excited to take her out of the country for her first passport stamps, but I’m also getting a little nervous for the plane portion of the entire trip. We’re just going to pop a few Dramamine and hope for a sleepy flight. (Yea, right.)

We’ve also got the challenge of driving on the left side of the road from the right side of the car. My last experience with this was in the back of an Uber in London. I thought I was going to lose my damn mind at every intersection. Thank goodness – I think Joe is going to drive us and the rest of us just get to sit back and panic.

Get ready, clowns. The whole damn family is going international!