Week 1: It’s Fine

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Following one of the craziest possible weekends lately, I’m starting some weekly video updates. I have some huge travels coming up and really want to stay ahead of the game in the story telling. Of course, we couldn’t start this easily.

A giant treetop crushed my garden shed and power lines after a wind storm this weekend. Yes, wind storms are apparently a thing. As a result, I’m currently surviving in the suburbs without power. I have a generator – but let’s be real about how many neighbor friends I’m making with that thing running all day.

Regardless, with several big trips on the horizon and several amazing ones just wrapped up – I have far too many stories to tell and want to share more of them in real time.

This week, I’m juggling the tree clean up with work craziness while also prepping for trips to Ireland and Nepal. I’ve got a crazy hunch to buy a camper and now we’re just on the hunt for the right one. In the meantime, Ogi and I are just wresting for who gets the sofa spot in front of the fan.

We’re fine.