Building Healthy Habits for Travel, Work and Life in General

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Over the past few years, I’ve adopted my own weird blend of yo-yo workouts and dieting. It all started with this ridiculous pair of pants. I went through a phase of being super dedicated to the gym, followed by some Crossfit, followed by a lot of running, then more gym, then more running and then some occasional dance classes and stuff.

The food was almost always missing the mark until last November when I picked up the Mat & Kitchen Food Reset. I loved it. Genuinely, loved it. But, after the first 41 days, didn’t keep up with it quite as closely as I hoped.

Just groovin'. ‍♀️‍♀️ #backtoit #prettyfood

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With the success of the new business paired with traveling as much as I possibly can – my ability to balance workouts and food with work and adventure has been looking increasingly more grim. So, I did what I’ve slowly realized I need to do with many more things: I admitted that I’m not the best for the job and found someone to help me.

This morning, I had an amazing sit down with Bri Berner – the woman-boss genius behind Girls Lifted. She asked the typical fitness journey questions, but hearing myself vocalize the answers all over again made me realize that I genuinely have all the tools, I’m just truly horrible at putting myself before the needs of my business and clients. I’m not at all afraid to admit that I need some hand holding here.

Today, I woke up with a cold. Broke a bottle of Kombucha on the living room floor. Drowned my work pack and laptop in it. Came home to a dog-wrecked living room. Said goodbye to Ogi's afternoon snack: my favorite Sperry's. Skipped dance class to clean up. Ordered a pizza that never arrived. Sucked it up because I should've been making a healthier dinner anyway. Started making dinner way late. Burned my finger on a pan. Cut another finger while slicing an avocado. Dog stole my avocado while I searched for band-aids. Broke every yolk and overcooked the eggs. The arugula in the fridge went bad. And I removed a shard of glass from my foot. …let's just backtrack to yesterday when I was feeling good in my sunny dance room and was slightly less exhausted by the monster dog. Here's to trying again tomorrow, you guys. #fucktuesday #ogilvytrexvonhambone

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In the coming months, we’re working through some pretty cool challenges that I’m kind of excited to share with you here. I’m certainly of the mindset that how my body feels and functions is much more important than any number assigned by a tape measure or scale. With that in mind, we’re aiming to add strength and muscle while emphasizing the workout and diet consistency I’ve lacked for years.

The catch? There are many:

  • I travel like mad – so we have to develop plans that I can take on the road without completely derailing the entire effort.
  • I need energy. I love my job – so pushing pause on the workday to refocus energy in other areas is a big struggle. I function on all the wrong time zones and have a bad habit of caffeinating myself through the day. We’re going to change that too.
  • Coming up in November, I’ve got big (GINORMOUS) hiking plans. Crazy altitudes, long days, intense temps – I need to physically hold up to it all. Bri’s planning is going to take that into account too.

So, here we go. Here’s another leg of the journey to add to the list – the very long work-life-adventure-health balance list.